2018-2019 CRCC NYS Champs!

December 11, 2018

Cradle of Aviation Museum, Garden City, NY

Mr. So's Robotics class participated in the Cyber Robotics Coding Competition and after a grueling Boot Camp, they were 1 of 15 schools qualified for the final. Mr. So was allowed to bring two teams to the finals - the 8th grade team, Team AZN, consisted of Abraham Chiong and Jackie Li and the 7th grade team, Team Wreck-It Patrick and Fix-It Stanley, Patrick Dec and Stanley He.

The finals started with warmup missions - the teams were given 15 missions and 1 hour to finish as many as possible. After phase 1, Team AZN was in third place with 800 points and Team Wreck-It sat in 9th place with 450 points.

The next challenge gave the teams a limited number of chances to score as many points as possible. Both teams couldn't make any headway while competing teams piled up the points. After Round 2, we dropped to 4th place and 11th place.

The final mission had all teams working furiously to garner as many points as possible. With two minutes left in the competition, both teams were able to complete the mission and earn full points. All that remained was to see how the other teams scored.

When everything was tallied, Team Wreck-It scored enough points to move up to 7th place and Team AZN was able to top the podium in first place!

Congratulations to Abraham Chiong and Jackie Li!