F. A. Q.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm moving to another town. How do I discharge my student?

  • A parent must be present to discharge a student. Please bring some form of official ID. Once you sign a student out, you will be given information you will need to register for your next school.

My child lost his Metrocard. How does he get a new one?

  • Please have your child see Ms. Nigro in the main office to receive a new card. This needs to be done in person, not over the phone or via email.

I need take my child out of school for the day.

  • Your name must be listed on the Emergency Contact Card on file at the school. Your official ID must match one of the names listed on the card before the school can release the student to you.

I need a proof that my child attends the school.

  • You must come to the main office with an official ID in the morning. We cannot release official documents to a student.

How do I get in touch with...?

  • Go to the staff directory to find the faculty member you are trying to reach. Fill out the message form to send an email. Alternately, you can call the school at (718) 366-7120 and leave a message. Teachers will be in class so it will be difficult to talk to them directly on the phone. They will call you back as soon as possible.

I need a Pupilpath account so I can check my child's grades.

  • Contact Ms. Chacon. She will be able to send you a letter with detailed instructions on how to create your account. You can create as many parent accounts as you want as long as you use a different email for each account. Alternately, you can contact your child's homeroom teacher using the staff directory.

I need a new school shirt. Where can I buy one?

  • School shirts can be ordered from Sebastian Printing 56-07 Myrtle Ave. (718) 724-3888

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